The Day After

Original name: 그 후

Director: Hong Sang-Soo

Release: July 6, 2017

Runtime: 91 min

Country: Korea

Genre: Romance


Kwon Hae-Hyo
as Bong-Wan
Kim Min-Hee
as A-Reum
Kim Sae-Byuk
as Chang-Sook
Jo Yoon-Hee
as Bong-Wan's wife


Bong-Wan Kwon Hae-Hyo runs a publishing company. He just broke up withhis former employee Chang-Sook Kim Sae-Byuk. A-Reum Kim Min-Hee is the new employee hired to take Chang-Sook's position. On A-Reum's first day at work, Bong-Wan's wife finds a love letter at home. She goes to the publishing company and mistakenly believes A-Reum is the woman in the love letter.