Along With the Gods: The Two Worlds

Original name: 신과 함께

Director: Kim Yong-Hwa

Release: December 20, 2017 first part / Summer, 2018 second part

Runtime: 139 mins

Country: Hong Kong

Genre: Fantasy


Ha Jung-Woo
as Gang Rim
Cha Tae-Hyun
as Kim Ja-Hong
Ju Ji-Hoon
as Hae Won Maek
Kim Hyang-Gi
as Duk-Choon


Following a person's a death, an Angel of Death escorts the deceased to the afterworld. There, the deceased person has 7 trials over a period of 49 days. At that time, the Angel of Death, who are not supposed to get involved in human affairs, unavoidably take part in human affairs.